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Utah State Info:

The Seal of Biliteracy will be awarded to a student who is proficient in English and one or more World Languages or the Indigenes Languages of Navajo or Ute.
 A “Seal of Biliteracy" means a seal placed electronically on a student's high school transcript that indicates a student has achieved in English, and in a world language grades 1-12, a level of proficiency described in the following two categories, which align to the Utah World Language Core Standards (ACTFL):

  • A. Platinum Seal – Advanced Low (ACTFL scale)
  • B. Gold Seal – Intermediate Mid (ACTFL scale)

For equity issues, the Seal will be administered at the State level, and schools districts may not opt out. 

A statewide committee will meet in February to establish by which tests and other means a student may demonstrate proficiency.