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Great news Hoosiers! Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed yesterday May 7th in Indianapolis the Biliteracy Certificate and Dual Language Immersion Program Senate Bill 267 that makes it now a State law. Indiana officially becomes the third state in the Midwest and 9th in the nation with a Seal of Biliteracy program.

This is the link of all the process we went through (click on "Bill Actions"):

Thanks to everyone involved in all different stages (and there were many!)  that made this state bill possible in Indiana! Outstanding team work! It is also important to recognize all those legislators that supported the bill in both the Senate and the House of Representatives. They were key part in this success!

We did it in Indiana! Full House! At 12:03 pm, SB 267 Biliteracy Bill passed in the Indiana House Floor 95-0 and it is now ready to be signed by Indiana Governor Pence. Indiana High School students would receive a Certificate of Biliteracy and a notation on the transcript that would recognize proficiency in English and other language. House Bill 1635 that proposes the dual-language immersion pilot program in elementary schools was adhered to SB 267 that means it would also become a state law as soon as Governor signs the bill. 2 wins in Indiana in favor of language learning and bilingual education!

Indiana Foreign Language Teachers Association Advocacy Chair Israel Fernando Herrera considers this a huge collective success for Indiana teachers, companies and students. He highlights the important support he received from language colleagues in the state and in the nation. Language organizations such as IFLTA, AATSP, CSC, ACTFL, NABE,IN-NELL, JNCL-NCLIS, and educational entities such as Indiana University Bloomington, ISRSA and the Indiana Department of Education were vital in the success of this historic achievement intended for the children, current students and future generations in the state of Indiana.

Language teachers, families, international companies, Chambers of Commerce, schools and students in Indiana also need to remember those legislators that believe in the benefits of learning languages and that promote a multicultural and multilingual education. SB 267 was introduced by Senator Kruse (Chair of Senate Education Committee) and supported by Senator Lanane in the Senate. It was co-authored by Sen. Earline Rogers, Sen. Mark Stoops, Sen. James Tomes and Sen. Lonnie Randolph. In the House it was sponsored by Repres. Robert Behning (Chair of House Education Committee)and Repres. Terri Jo Austin. Other sponsors were Repres. Linda Lawson, Repres. Justin Moed and Repres. Peggy Mayfield (supportive since the very beginning in Bloomingon, IN). It is also important to give credit to Repres. Vernon Smith, who spoke in favor of the bill during the 3rd hearing in the House, and all Senators and Representatives in the Education Committees that say "Yes" to Biliteracy. We also value the support of all 50 Senators and 95 Representatives that pressed the green button when it was time to vote in the different floors.

Long Live Languages!