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How do students earn the Seal of Biliteracy?

In order to be eligible for the DCPS Seal of Biliteracy, students must:

Requirement 1:   Demonstrate proficiency in English (requires counselor verification)

Successful completion of DCPS English grade level course requirements with minimum overall GPA of 2.5

One of the following (check one):

  • Score of “proficient” or above on both Reading and Writing portions of DCCAS (grade 10), or
  • Score of 5.0 or above on ACCESS for ELLs,
  • or Score of 3 or above on AP English exam

Requirement 2:   Demonstrate proficiency in a language other than English (requires counselor verification)

Successful completion of at least 2 credits of World Language courses in same language with minimum overall GPA of 2.5

One of the following (check one):

  • Score of 3 or above in AP exam for a foreign language, or
  • Score of 5 on STAMP, or
  • Score of B2 on DELE or DELF, or
  • Score of Advanced Low or above on ACTFL’s AAPL, or
  • Score of 3 or above on IB Level B exam

Requirement 3:   Provide evidence of cultural competency and application of language skills (attach documentation on agency letterhead)

Complete one of the following activities in the non-English language (check one):

  • Twenty-five hours of community service
  • Participation in recognized service learning summer activity
  • Participation in school-sponsored language-focused travel of at least one week
  • Completion of 2-week internship in target language
  • Passing score in the graded community panel interview (interviews can be arranged by contacting katarina.brito@dc.gov)

What is the application process?

  1. Student completes the Seal of Bi-Literacy application (hard copy available from school counselor or apply on-line at the Apply here button)
  2. Student provides documentation of cultural and communicative competency activity (attach to hard copy or scan and email to katarina.brito@dc.gov or fax to (202) 671-2667)
  3. School counselor verifies course work and test results and notifies the Language Acquisition Division.
  4. Students who have not completed a cultural and communicative competence activity sit for a graded community panel interview.
  5. Applications, verifications and supporting documents are evaluated by the Language Acquisition Division.
  6. Qualifying students will receive a certificate of award, a Seal of Biliteracy on their diploma, Seal of Biliteracy notation on their transcript and an honor cord at graduation.

For more information about the Seal of Biliteracy award, please contact Katarina Brito in the Language Acquisition Division at katarina.brito@dc.gov.