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Lynne Rosen- APS Language & Cultural Equity Denise Sandy-Sánchez- Dual Language Education of NM Luisa Castillo – West Mesa High School Marisa Silva- Valley High School Susan Gandert- Albuquerque High School
2008 La Cosecha Conference
Presentation Agenda

 

Provide the historical background for the APS Bilingual Seal Share the process of defining the criteria and designing the assessments & process Describe the criteria and assessment process Provide assessment examples Share next steps Invite questions and comments
Purpose & Desired Outcomes:

Identify the academic criteria needed to receive the Bilingual Seal.
Courses requirements  G.P.A.  Required level for Spanish course  Teacher recommendations

Design the Bilingual Seal assessment areas that achieves fidelity across the district, yet allows for flexibility.
Reading/Comprehension  Writing  Oral/Interview

APS Bilingual SealHistorical Background

Began as grassroots project at Rio Grande HS through a Title VII grant 4 additional high schools modeled their bilingual seal criteria after Rio Grande HS APS Board of Education Members requested that we move from a school bilingual seal towards a district bilingual seal (2004)
APS Bilingual Seal- Historical Background…

LCE met with bilingual coordinators and curriculum assistant principals to determine district criteria for seniors to earn a bilingual seal on their diploma and transcript (2004-05) LCE presented Bilingual Seal Criteria to Board of Education (2006) LCE partnered with Dual Language Education of New Mexico to finalize Bilingual Seal Criteria and develop common assessments and rubrics (2007)
Participating Schools

Schools who were invited to participate
Albuquerque High School  Highland High School  Manzano High School  Rio Grande High School  West Mesa High School  Valley High School

Began in September 2007 Reviewed materials for content and elaborated upon collective resources
2006-2007 Bilingual Seal Data
Schools Number of students who applied Number of students who took the assessment components 22 Number of students who passed and received a Bilingual Seal 16
A lbuquerque HS
H ighland HS
Rio G rande HS Valley HS
68 58
63 46
54 41
West M esa HS
NOTE: This data was provided by the participants at each school and  reflects the  school’s bilingual seal criteria and assessments prior to  the development of the APS District Bilingual Seal Criteria and  Assessments.
Designing the Bilingual Seal

Used a rubric for evaluating the current processes at each of the APS high schools and the criteria provided by the district
 Course
Requirements  Required Level for Foreign Language Course  G.P.A  Bilingual Seal Application Process  Reading Assessment and Rubric  Writing Assessment & Rubric  Oral Interview Assessment and Rubric
APS Bilingual Seal Criteria

Required Credits
 Meet
the following course requirements over the course of four years:  Level IV or above in Spanish  4 credits of English or English as a Second Language  4 core content credits taught in English  4 core content credits taught in Spanish
*Core content credits include Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.
APS Bilingual Seal Criteria

Teacher Recommendations
 Submit
4-6 Teacher Recommendation forms

Grade Point Average
Bilingual Recognition Seal
2.5 Cumulative Grade Point Average
 Meet
Bilingual Honor Seal
3.5 Cumulative Grade Point Average
 Meet
APS Bilingual Seal Assessments

Pass with the following scores on both the English and Spanish APS District Assessments:
 Reading
– 70%  Writing- minimum score of 3  Oral Interview- minimum score of 3
APS Bilingual Seal Assessments

Example Writing Prompts
 
How would you handle a difficult or unpleasant task when it involves another individual or group of people? ¿Cómo llevarías una situación difícil o desagradable que tenga que ver con otro individuo o grupo de personas? Write a well-organized essay about aspects of your community that you would change. Explain why it seems to you that your community would be a better place for all its residents because of these changes. Escribe un ensayo bien organizado sobre los aspectos de tu comunidad que tú cambiarías. Explica por qué te parece que tu comunidad sería un lugar mejor para todos sus habitantes a causa de estos cambios.

APS Bilingual Seal Assessments

Example Oral Interview Prompts
 Some
people believe that it’s good for teens to work while in high school, while others believe that it is not a good idea. What is your opinion?  Algunas personas creen que es bueno que los jóvenes trabajen mientras van a la escuela preparatoria y otras no creen que sea bueno. ¿Cuál es tu opinión al respecto?
 How
will you use Spanish after high school?  ¿Cómo usarás el español después de la preparatoria?
Bilingual Seal Communication

Student and Parents will receive
 Pass
and No-Pass letters with scoring sheet

Students, Parents, Institutes of Higher Education, Employers (attached to transcript)
 Description
 Bilingual
Letters for
Recognition Seal  Bilingual Honor Seal
APS Bilingual Seal – Next Steps
 
 

Finalize APS Bilingual Seal Documents Distribute APS Bilingual Seal materials to schools and participants on a CD Distribute the APS Bilingual Seal Applications Begin and Complete the APS Bilingual Seal Assessment Process Document the following:

Number of applicants Number of students taking assessments Number of students passing assessments
Meet on an annual basis to review and modify selections and to share ideas
Questions and Comments

Thanks for taking the time to listen to the development of the APS District Bilingual Seal Criteria and Assessments. It is a pleasure to share the process these teachers and the district has taken to ensure, support, and celebrate bilingualism and biliteracy. Please share your questions or comments.
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