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Taffy Carlisle
Oregon Department of Education
(503) 947-5688

We currently do not have any information for the Oregon Seal of Biliteracy. If you have any information about the Seal of Biliteracy in Oregon please send us a message on our Contact Page.

Oregon Seal of Biliteracy Updates

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We did it! The Oregon State Board of Education has voted to implement, statewide, the Oregon State Seal of Biliteracy to graduating seniors who meet the criteria. We are so proud to offer this wonderful opportunity to our students and are very excited to see where this Biliteracy Seal award will take them in their post-secondary education, career pathway, and involvement in their community and beyond.


Oregon has just taken its plan for the State Seal of Biliteracy to the State Board of Education for first read. It is our hope that the State Seal of Biliteracy approved by the Board this spring and that school districts across the state will be able to offer the award to those students who have met the criteria for the Seal of Biliteracy.

05/28/2015 We have completed our first pilot project with the Oregon State Seal of Biliteracy. As of today, we have awarded 423 Biliteracy Seals to students from 7 Oregon school districts and one community charter school. We have learned much from our pilot phase, and we look forward to reconciling these lessons learned with the recommendations recently published. I appreciate the thoughtful implementation guideline; when our statewide stakeholder panel reconvenes in September, 2015 to finalize our recommendations to the State Board of Education for final, state-wide adoption, this document will certainly be helpful!

State laws regarding the Seal of Biliteracy