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Individuals wishing to follow the development of the Ohio Seal of Biliteracy Program are invited to regularly visit this website, http://education.ohio.gov/Media/Ed-Connection/Feb-6-2017/State-seal-of-biliteracy-effective-March-2017, where regular updates will be provided

Ohio Seal of Biliteracy Updates

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On Jan. 9, Gov. John Kasich signed House Bill No. 487 which requires the State Board of Education to establish the State Seal of Biliteracy. The seal can be attached to the high school transcripts or diplomas of students who show a proficiency in two or more languages, according to the Hudson City School District. The House Bill will become law within 90 days after signing.


Ohio house and senate have voted to approve an Ohio Seal of Biliteracy. The bill will now go to the governor for signing. If signed, it will then become law in 90 days.


Ohio House Bill 487 - the Ohio Seal of Biliteracy Bill - was introduced to the Ohio House of Representatives with broad bipartisan support.

State laws regarding the Seal of Biliteracy