Who awards the Seal of Biliteracy?

The Seal of Biliteracy was designed to be awarded by school district or state; however, an individual school site or school program may also decide to implement the award. For example, the dual language strand in one K-8 school has instituted an award for students who complete its program, thus recognizing the high levels of biliteracy achievement. One elementary school has instituted a Bilingual Recognition Award for students based on second grade test scores on both the California Standards Test of English Language Arts and the Standards Test in Spanish.
County offices of education can invite individual schools and/or districts to institute a Seal of Biliteracy approach. The county office can provide assistance in identifying appropriate language assessments and publicizing a Seal of Biliteracy model. It is up to the schools and/or districts to actually engage students, put together an application process, and certify that students have met the requirements for a Seal. The list of students who qualify is then submitted to the county office. The county office provides a Seal (or an extra award if the district has provided a Seal), and hosts a county-wide award ceremony or celebration. Some county offices are specifically reaching out to the Dual Language programs in their county through their Bilingual Directors’ networks and through their World Languages specialists.