Delaware Seal of Biliteracy

Seal of Biliteracy Status: 
Seal of Bilitearcy is Under Consideration

State Contact

Gregory Fulkerson
Delaware Department of Education
(302) 735-4175

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Delaware Seal of Biliteracy Updates

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A Department of Education internal working group has been established to examine what a Seal of Biliteracy could look like in Delaware as it would be used to credential and highlight a student's world language proficiency as a career and workplace skill.


On June 2, the Delaware House of Representatives introduced House Joint Resolution 13 to establish "a certificate of mulit-literacy" as Delaware's version of the Seal of Biliteracy and assigned the resolution for review by the House Education Committee.  It was approved by the Education Committee on June 22 and was unanimously approved by the House on July 1.  It must now be approved by the Senate.


On March 21, 2017, the Delaware House of Representatives has reintroduced a Certificate of Multiliteracy, Delaware's version of the Seal of Biliteracy, as HJR 4. HJR 4 has now passed both the House and the Senate on June 14. It has now gone to the Governor for signature.

State laws regarding the Seal of Biliteracy