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Colorado Seal of Biliteracy Updates

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SB 17-123 has been signed by governor John W. Hickenlooper.


SB 123 was heard in the House Education Committee and passed 11-2. It will now go to the full House of Representatives.  The Seal of Biliteracy SB 123 will be ready for the Governor's signature when it passes the full house.


Colorado Seal of Biliteracy (SB 17-123) will be heard by the Senate Education Committee Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2017. Show your support for Colorado 's Seal of Biliteracy. Show up at the Capitol Room 271 at 10:00 AM on Wednesday.

The Colorado Seal of Biliteracy is co-sponsored by bipartisan legislators.  If your State Senator is on the Senate Education Committee call them to urge their support for SB 17-123.


Colorado Seal of Biliteracy Bill Number HB16-1365 passed the state House 48-17 and has been introduced to the senate.

08/28/2015 Denver Public Schools, Adams 14 and Eagle County Schools presented the Seal of Biliteracy to their School Boards in the Spring of 2015. Support from all three School Boars was overwhelmingly positive, and these districts will be implementing the Seal of Biliteracy starting during the 2015-2016 school year. As Colorado is a state of local control (meaning each school district creates their own graduation requirements, etc.), these three districts are hoping that all other school districts in Colorado will follow suit to honor ALL students throughout the state who have demonstrated proficiency in two or more languages.
03/14/2015 Three local school districts are drafting a seal of biliteracy program.

State laws regarding the Seal of Biliteracy